Fruit salad game

Fruit salad game

Games are so much fun. Kids love to play and learn different games. Being active is great for children. Fruit salad can be played as a party game, amongst friends or even at a school.

What you need:

Number of players:


Form a circle of chairs that is one chair fewer than a total number of players.

Nominate a player to be 'in', that player stands in the centre of the circle.

Divide all players into three groups of fruit by going around the circle and naming them either apple, orange or pear.

The player who is 'in', calls the name of a fruit.

If he calls out apples, everyone who is that fruit must get up quickly and change places.

Players who are not apples remain seated.

The person who is 'in' tries to sit in an empty spot whenever players swap positions.

If they manage to sit in a chair, the player not sitting in a chair is then 'in'.

The person in the middle can also call 'fruit salad' and everyone who is seated has to change spots.

The game can finish whenever you like.

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