Fun maths games for kids

Fun maths games for kids

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Maths doesn’t have to be a bore for kids. No really, it's true. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division can suddenly become fun (gasp!) when it's hidden inside a game. The best part? They will also be learning.

Check out these six maths games for kids who are already in school – it will get them practising their maths skills without them realising.













Maths game #1: Do the times tables on your fingers

Turn multiplication tables on their head, or rather, your fingers, by teaching kids this fun and fast counting game. Each finger can be used to figure out 6, 7, 8 and even 9 times tables. Watch the handy how-to video together, and when your child has mastered the basics, you can speed up the game and be wowed by your maths genius.














Maths game #2: Space shuttle launch online game

How often does a correct maths answer result in a rocket getting shot into space? Not often enough we say! The Space Shuttle Launch maths game lets you tailor addition, subtraction, division or multiplication problems to your child's skill level. When they get something right, a rocket blasts off into space. How cool is that?














Maths game #3:  Fraction dominoes

Fractions. Blergh. It's hard to help kids understand the concept of fractions, but this maths game sure makes it a lot easier. Print this free worksheet and your kids can create their own fraction dominoes. And don't worry if you don't remember the rules of dominoes – it's included. How's that for a sneaky maths lesson?














Maths game #4: Hopscotch maths game

Did you know that you can turn a maths lesson into a sporty activity? It’s true. Old-fashioned hopscotch can be easily converted into an energetic maths lesson, all without your kids realising. You simply draw your hopscotch like a giant calculator and watch their little feet work out those maths equations. Click the link below to get started.














Maths game #5: Change Maker online maths game

Here comes a double whammy in learning. This fantastic online game teaches kids about maths and money. Kids solve simple maths equations on how much change is owed to fill the virtual piggy bank. The game uses Australian money! No American quarters here, thanks.














Maths game #6: An experiment with dice

All you need is two dice and you can create a surprisingly entertaining maths game for older kids. After throwing the dice together 108 times, kids can track total numbers through a simple graph. Hey presto, they're learning about probability, theoretical results versus experimental results, and even why 7 is a lucky number.


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