Funny mummy wrap game

Funny mummy wrap game

Kids love stories of ancient Egypt and the mummies of old kings and pharoahs. Funny mummy is a great ice-breaker party game for kids to play as they team up against other pairs in a race to wrap each other in toilet paper.

What you need:

  • toilet paper
  • decorations of choice (like markers, hats, boots etc)

Number of players:


Split the kids into pairs.

One child plays the role of the “mummy,” the other is the “mummy wrapper.”

Announce it is a race to see which mummy wrapper can wrap their mummy in toilet paper the fastest.

The fastest mummy wrapper to wrap their mummy from head to toe (you can leave the face bare) wins.


  • The players will soon discover that toilet paper tears really easily and to successfully wrap their mummies, the kids have to do it without tearing the paper. If they tear it, they have to start again.
  • Expect a lot of “do-overs” in this game.

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