Game of 13

This is a exciting card game that is easy to learn to play and everyone will want to play!



The cards get laid out like a pyramid and you match up two cards at a time whose values total thirteen.

The only exception to this rule is the King who gets discarded all by himself.

Deal seven rows of cards, face up, in the shape of a pyramid.

The first card has a row all to itself.

The next two cards get dealt right below the first card with their upper edges overlapping the first card.

The third row has three cards whose upper edges overlap the cards above them.

This continues until the last row of seven cards has been dealt.

With the cards always overlapping the ones above, the only cards available for play are the lower and exposed cards.

At the start of the game, that mans only the last row of seven cards are available for play.

Starting with that last row, examine the cards carefully and see if there are any two cards that add up to the total of 13.

If there are two cards that total 13, remove them from the layout and place them in a discard pile.

Remember, the Kings get discarded all by themselves.

The remaining cards are left in one pile face down.

They are to be turned up one by one and hopefully will go with one of the cards in the layout that are available for play. The goal is to get all of the cards in that discard pile.

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