Goodnight Kiwi Returns

For almost 20 years an animated Kiwi and Cat signalled the end of the evening’s television transmission on TVNZ. Now, the beloved characters are back to be introduced to another generation.

There’s not many adults who grew up in New Zealand who won’t remember Goodnight Kiwi. In the days when TV didn’t play all day and all night (those were the days!), a cute animated short of a Kiwi and his Cat shutting down the TV station and settling into bed delighted young and old. The tune used in the animation is an arrangement of a Māori lullaby, ‘Hine e Hine’.

Goodnight Kiwi returns

Now TVNZ have brought back Goodnight Kiwi and Cat for a brand new show for kids. The animated characters will be joined by TV and radio personalities who will read popular bedtime stories from New Zealand authors, creating a beautiful new bedtime treat for kids.

The problem with the old Goodnight Kiwi was that you had to wrangle a really late bedtime as a kid to be able to see them. Now, thanks to the technology of streaming, Goodnight Kiwi can make an appearance whenever you decide that bedtime has arrived for your child.

Promotion for The Warehouse

The Warehouse makes story time fun with celebrity instore readings

To celebrate TVNZ and The Warehouse bringing back the iconic Goodnight Kiwi, The Warehouse is hosting instore storytelling sessions narrated by famous Kiwis the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of November across New Zealand.

GM of Marketing Anna Lawrence says The Warehouse is thrilled to get behind the cause and help inspire a love of reading among young Kiwis. “Like The Warehouse, Goodnight Kiwi was a part of growing up for many New Zealanders and we’re thrilled to help relaunch the show for a new generation to enjoy and read along with. Reading can greatly impact a child’s life, but for many Kiwi families, book ownership can be out of reach. Which is why throughout the series, for every book sold at The Warehouse, which is featured on Goodnight Kiwi, we’ll also be gifting a book to a child in need through Duffy Books in Homes.”

One lucky child at each in store story session will have the chance to win a brand-new set of Goodnight Kiwi books for themselves and another set for their school. To enter head to The Hits

Celebrity instore readings:

  • Saturday 23rd November, The Warehouse Sylvia Park, 11am and 1pm with Suzy Cato
  • Sunday 24th November, The Warehouse Manukau, 11am and 1pm with Stacey Morrison
  • Sunday 24th November, The Warehouse Rotorua, 11am and 1pm with Anika Moa
  • Sunday 24th November, The Warehouse Whangarei, 11am and 1pm with Ian Jones
  • Sunday 24th November, The Warehouse Invercargill, 11am and 1pm with Sir Tim Shadbolt

Do you remember Goodnight Kiwi? Will you be streaming the show for your children?

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