Grow a grass head

Grow a grass head

This kids’ gardening project is so simple and it yields exciting results in about a week. Kids will love watching their grasshead sprout hair and keep growing. When it’s really long, they can trim it like a hairdresser. Watch the video to show you how.

What you need:

  • black marker pen
  • paper
  • small empty yoghurt container
  • glue
  • stocking
  • grass seeds
  • potting mix
  • spray bottle of water
  • 2 googly craft eyes
  • cotton wool
  • 2 black pipe cleaners

Number of players:


Watch the step-by-step video below to find out how to make a grasshead:

Draw a tuxedo on a piece of paper and glue it to the yoghurt container.

Cut the feet out of a pair of stockings just above the ankle.

Sprinkle some grass seeds into the bottom of the stocking foot and fill it with potting mix.

Twist the stocking until it is the shape and size of a tennis ball size, and then tie it off, leaving about 10cm dangling down at the bottom.

Use a piece of cotton to make a bulging nose in the stocking face.

Give your grasshead a goofy face using googly eyes, pipe cleaners for eyebrows and a moustache.

Half-fill the yoghurt container with water and place the head on top, so the stocking tail is dangling into the water.

Use a spray bottle of water to moisten his head.

Place him on a window sill that gets plenty of sun.

Check each day to make sure the stocking head remains damp.

In a week or so the grass shoots will start to sprout out the top of the head like hair!

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