Gumboot garden

Gumboot garden

Brighten your garden up with this nifty little gumboot garden. Kids will love recycling their old gumboots and watching magic happen in the garden when they plant herbs or even their favourite flowers.

What you need:

  • old gumboots
  • potting mix
  • seeds or seedlings
  • water


Number of players:


Gather some old gumboots from around the house or your local op shop.

Fill gumboots with potting mix until you have reached about 2cm from the top.

Plant seeds or seedlings in the potting mix and water.

Watch the magic happen in the portable gumboot garden.


  • Put your gumboots all around the garden or place them together on a stand and brighten up one area of your yard.
  • Plants can vary from flowers, herbs or even fruit.

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