Hand print Christmas tree

Hand print Christmas tree

Christmas art is something the kids can be proud of this year and with this cool art and craft activity, they will post it on the wall for all to enjoy. Making a hand print Christmas tree will have the kids painting up a storm.

What you need:

  • green paper or craft foam
  • brown paper or craft foam
  • scissors
  • string
  • glue
  • craft decorations such as glitter, stickers, tinsel, etc
  • green paint is optional (but lots of fun!)

Number of players:


Trace your child's hand onto a piece of green paper or craft foam, and repeat the process until you have at least 10 hand prints.

You may prefer to use paint to stamp your child's hands for your hand prints.

Cut out your hand prints (wait for paint to dry).

Glue your hand prints in layers with the fingers pointing downwards, to form the shape of the tree.

It helps to start at the bottom with 4 hand prints, then glue a layer on top with 3 handprints.

Then the next layer is two prints with the last layer being one hand print at the top.

Now you can decorate your unique Hand Print Christmas Tree!

Print your own star or angel to colour in and stick on the top of your tree – or draw, colour and cut out your own.

Use glitter, stickers, tinsel and other craft items to finish off your tree decorations.

Glue a brown rectangular trunk to the bottom of your tree – craft paper or foam are ideal.

Now simply thread your string through the top of your Hand Print Christmas Tree so you can hang it on your real tree!


  • Make a giant family Hand Print Christmas Tree, by tracing or printing the whole family's hands. Use larger hand prints for the bottom layers, and gradually move through the smaller hand prints until the smallest ones are at the top. These make very special Christmas door and window hangings.
  • This activity is a fun way to chart your child's growth. Keeping their yearly Hand Print Christmas Tree will mean you can see each child's growth over the years.
  • Glue a small photo of your child on the back of their creation, and include their name and the year. This will help you keep track of each Hand Print Christmas Tree's owner – particularly helpful when you have a few children!
  • Use fun colours rather than the traditional green for your hand prints. Why not try colouring them with glitter pens, cutting your hand prints out of fabric or Christmas gift wrap, or making a tree with all the colours of the rainbow?

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