How to write poetry: Couplet poems

Couplet poems are a great tool for teaching kids the basics of rhyming words and expressing themselves on paper. These short verses of just two lines make poetry fun and simple to grasp.

What you need:

  • grey lead pencil for writing
  • paper


Number of players:


Couplet poetry is as the name suggests. A couple – meaning two – lines put together that rhyme. Not only this, the couplet must be a compete thought or tell the full story. The lines also must have the same or similar syllables and have the same rhythm.

Some examples of this are:

My favourite thing to do is play,
This is how I will spend my day.


I love running about in the sun,
Playing with my friends and having fun.

Have a go yourself. Remember, a couplet can be about any subject, so have some fun.


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