Improve fine motor skills: Weaving craft

Improve fine motor skills: Weaving craft

Nothing gets the kids wanting to improve something like not knowing about it. Kids will do just about anything to get out of fixing an issue but if it is not there and they are just having fun – then they are all for it. Weaving will improve fine motor skills, is enjoyable, crafty and fun.

What you need:

  • shoe box lid
  • wool or string
  • tape
  • items you can weave: paper strips, tinsel, plastic cutlery, ribbons, wool, string, pencils, straws, plastic strips

Number of players:



Make small incisions (slits) using scissors, at opposite ends (the two short edges) along the top of the shoe box lid.

Cut the same amount of slits on each side.

Tape the wool to the shoe box lid when you begin.

Thread the wool backwards and forwards between the slits.

Tape it again in place when you have finished threading the wool to create harp-like strings across the lid.

This is your homemade loom.


Collect your items you intend to weave.

If you are using paper, begin at the base of the loom.

Thread the strip of paper above and then below along the harp-like wool strings of the loom.

To add the next thing begin on a new line and weave the item above and below, above and below across the wool lengths.

When the shoe box lid loom is filled with woven items hang it up for decoration.

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