Jokes for kids: Elephants

Ever have trouble remembering jokes? Pity you haven’t got the memory of an elephant, they don’t mind poking fun at themselves. Here’s 10 great jokes I’m sure they’ve got in their memory bank!


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Q. How do you know if there’s an elephant in your fridge?
A. There are footprints in the butter.


Q. Why doesn’t the elephant use a computer?
A. Because it is afraid of the mouse!


Q. What time is it when an elephant sits on the fence?
A. Time to fix the fence!


Q. What’s grey and goes round and round?
A. An elephant in a washing machine!


Q. What’s big and grey and has 16 wheels?
A. An elephant on roller skates!


Q. Why do elephants need trunks?
A. Because they don’t have glove compartments!


Q. How does an elephant put his trunk in a crocodile’s mouth?
A. VERY carefully!


Q. What did the banana say to the elephant?
A. Nothing. Bananas can’t talk silly!


Q. What do elephants do in the evenings?
A. Watch elevision!


Q. What’s grey with red spots?
A. An elephant with the measles!

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