Keep the apple

Keep the apple

Babies grow so quickly and it is only years later we realise that the things that happened only yesterday were in fact a while ago and almost out of memory's range. Keep the apple in your eye a little longer with these simple activities for you and baby to share.

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In the early baby stages, your baby will not be awake for long periods. Express your love and devotion to her with your voice and touch. Baby massage is a great activity to explore.

Once your baby is able to focus a little more, make frequent eye contact and sing some songs to her. Nursery rhymes are fun and interactive for later stages again when actions can take place.

Snuggle your baby, a lot! There is nothing wrong with a cuddle for comfort, for fun or even just because. Babies love feeling your skin on theirs. It enhances security. Enjoy cuddles at every opportunity. You can even add a lullaby in to soothe a baby off to sleep on your chest.


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