Kick the can

Kick the can

A twist on the old hide and seek favourite, kick the can adds a whole new element that kids can enjoy amongst friends at a party or gathering.

What you need:

  • Any kind of large tin can or  bucket that can be kicked

Number of players:


Start by choosing one person to be IT and a “home base” for the children to gather.

To start the game, this player (IT) gets to kick the can as far as he/she is able.

The players scatter to find hiding places as the can rolls.

IT then chases after the can and brings it back to home base.

Once he brings the can home, IT counts to 50 (or 100; depending on age) with his eyes closed.

When he opens them, he starts searching for the other kids and the fun begins.

When IT finds a hider, he calls out this player’s name.

If the hider can kick over the can before IT does, he’s safe.

If IT makes it to the can first, the player whose name he calls out is captured and must wait in the jail (next to the can).

The player/s in jail are not doomed just yet,  another player can risk capture to save them.

If another player can kick over the can and call out “Home FREE” without getting captured by IT, the jailbirds are free to run and hide from IT again.

The game continues until all the jailbirds have been captured.

The first person caught becomes IT in the next game.

If jail breaks keep the game going on too long, the first person who is caught 3 times becomes IT and a new game begins.

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