Kids advent calendar

Kids advent calendar

Get into the holiday spirit with this advent calendar activity. Make a calendar the kids can use year after year and make memories that will last a lifetime as you count down the days until Santa visits!

What you need:

  • Christmas fabric
  • felt
  • cardboard
  • string
  • glue

Number of players:


Cut the fabric into a square the size you want your calendar to be.

Use chalk to mark out 24 squares on the fabric, leaving 5cm on each side of the edges.

Cut the felt into pieces to fit over each square on the backing fabric.

Trim the top of the felt so that there is a gap at the top of the square when you lie it over the backing fabric.

Glue the edges of the felt onto the backing fabric.

Cut out the cardboard in the size of the backing fabric. Trim 2cm on each side.

Glue the backing fabric to the cardboard and wrap the edges over so that none of the cardboard shows.

Fill the felt pockets with coins, small chocolate bars or other treats.


  • Cut out a Santa hat or other Christmas related objects to decorate the advent calendar.
  • Treats do not have to be lollies, what about a new decoration for the tree each day?

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