Laugh and run

Laugh and run

Bedtime comes and baby is sleepy but just won't drop off to sleep. Every parent knows that feeling. Send them off lovingly with a sweet lullaby to a familiar tune. Lullabies are a lovely way to get baby ready for bed.

What you need:

  • a sleepy baby
  • your voice

Number of players:


We ran in the park, we played in the sand,
You painted pictures with me.

We jumped in the puddles, we built sandcastles,
And then we swam in the sea.

We flew a kite, you rode your bike,
We scooted around all day.

And now it’s time to go to bed,
And dream of how we’ll play.

Sleep little one and rest your eyes,
Dream all about our fun.

For tomorrow brings another day,
Where we can laugh and run.

Sung to Hey diddle diddle

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