Little Space Heroes

Little Space Heroes

Create your own Space Hero and your children can enjoy a fun and safe online game full of fun and adventure. Kids get to personalise their hero, make new friends, adopt a pet Glow, fly around in their jetpacks and explore a universe full of amazing planets.

What you need:

  • A computer with internet access

Number of players:


Parents can help their children to create their own hero. They get to choose from a boy, girl or alien hero and personalise their appearance. They give the hero a name and register their free account.

Your child can then login and start exploring the universe. They’ll start out on the Heroes Homeworld where they can sign up for daring missions, make new friends, play fun games like jetpack training and starjet simulator or play bubble blaster tag with their buddies. Your child will soon earn their wings by completing quests and will be able to blast off in their very own Starjet. There literally is a whole galaxy to discover with different planets such as the fantastic Glow Planet and the mysterious Jungle Planet.

Little Space Heroes is free to play for as long as you like.

Visit the website now to get started!


  • Kids can play alone, or with friends in a safe environment – Little Space Heroes gives parents control over how their child chats in the game, the content is designed with no violence or inappropriate content.
  • There is a moderator team to keep an eye on things and ensure a safe and fun experience for all players.

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