Make a button snake toddler activity

Make a button snake toddler activity

This easy button snake toy is a great activity for toddlers and will help develop your child's fine motor skills. Put it in a toddler busy bag and take it with you on long car trips or anytime you will need your toddler to sit still and focus.

What you need:

  • 3 x A4 pieces of felt in different colours
  • scissors
  • 30cm of ribbon
  • 1 x button
  • needle and thread

Number of players:


Use the button as a guide for how big each of your threading squares needs to be. Ideal size is 5cm x 5cm for a standard medium-sized button.

Measure up and cut out about 10 squares in three different colours of felt. 

Now use the button to mark up on each square how big the slit needs to be for the button to pass through. Cut the slit in each square.

Use one piece as a stopper on the end of the snake – to stop the other squares sliding off the end.

Thread it onto the end of the snake and sew it in place. Cut a forked tail for your snake.

Sew the button on the other end.

Get your toddler to thread all the the squares onto the snake by pushing the button through each slit.

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