Make a hanging basket

Make a hanging basket

Make something pretty to hang out the front of the house or in the garden with this hanging basket project. The kids will enjoy getting their hands dirty and you will love seeing their smiles and pride as they show off their finished baskets!

What you need:

  • sphagnum moss
  • potting soil
  • plants suitable for hanging baskets
  • hanging baskets
  • basin or bucket

Number of players:


Pack the moss around the inside of the basket.

Soak the basket and moss in a deep basin or bucket.

Drain until only damp.

Fill halfway with damp potting soil.

Remove plants from pots and loosen roots with your fingers.

Place plants in basket and fill with potting soil, pressing down firmly after planting.

Water well.

Hang your baskets and wait for the plants to grow and grow! Don't forget to water them regularly.

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