Make a pom pom sea anenome

Make a pom pom sea anenome

Pom poms are a fantastic craft basic.  If you can make a pom pom, you can turn it into all sorts of fun craft activities for kids. Try turning yours into a pom pom sea anenome for your octopus's garden. Watch the video tutorial below for how to make a pom pom.

What you need:

OR something round to trace an 8cm circle and something round to trace a 3cm circle (a full roll of electrical tape is the perfect shape)


Number of players:


Here's how to make a pom pom sea anenome.

Use our pom pom printable to trace two small pom pom discs out of your cardboard, or freehand trace an 8cm circle with a 3cm circle in the middle. Cut out your discs.

Put the two discs together.

Now wind the red wool around and around the discs, through the centre and around the outer edge.

Keep going until you've covered the entire disc surface.  It's a good idea to cut off a manageable length of wool, wind it into a smaller ball that will pass through the centre of your disc and work with that until it runs out. Reload it when you run out.

Now you will need to cut the wool around the edges, your scissor blade should eventually pass between the two discs of cardboard. Just cut a bit at a time, holding it together with your other hand, until you have snipped the entire perimeter.

From your ball of wool, cut off a length about 30cm. Use that to tie off the pom pom. Do this by passing the string between the two cardboard discs and then tightening it around the centre of the pom pom bunch.  Tie it up nice and tight.

Once you've secured it, slide the two discs out of place, off the pom pom.

You should now have a beautiful red pom pom. Just 'froof' it a bit to get it into a circle shape.

Now get the egg carton cup and pop your pom pom in.

You have made a pom pom sea anenome for your Octopus's Garden.

Hints and tips:

  • To make a larger pom pom trace around a CD for the pompom disc.
  • Use two or three different coloured wools to make your pom pom more colourful.
  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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