Make a shoebox foosball game

Make a shoebox foosball game

Upcycle an old shoebox and put it to use as a foosball game. Raid the toy box for some other bits and bobs and you'll have your own homemade foosball game ready to go.

What you need:

  • 1 x shoe box
  • 1 x ping pong ball
  • 2 x round timber or plastic rods (we used toy arrows)
  • box card
  • coloured paper
  • craft knife
  • glue
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • hole punch

Number of players:


To make your soccer players you can Google "foosball player" to find an image of a classic foosball figure. Make sure it will be the right size to swing freely once your rods are placed.

Use it as a template and cut out two box card versions.  Glue coloured paper to each box card figure to make a red team and a blue team.

Now make your soccer field. Cut goals out of each end of the shoebox.

Mark up where your rods will be placed, making sure the distance and height allows for your figures to swing freely when theyr'e stuck onto the rods.  Use a hole punch to punch holes for each rod. Slide them through.

Glue the red player and the blue player onto each rod, in the centre of the rod.

Add coloured paper at each end to show the red team and blue team goal posts.

Add a flag, if your'e feeling extra crafty. Use a toothpick and a small triangle of coloured paper.

Put the ping pong ball in and you're ready for the World Cup. Well, sort of.

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