Make a space rocket

Make a space rocket

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's actually a great rocket made by YOU! Make a rocket with your child in a short amount of time. A really great art and craft project to bring out the imagination of your little one.

What you need:

  • long cardboard cylinder (from paper towels)
  • 2 toilet rolls
  • stapler
  • a medium sized cardboard circle (about 9cms in diameter)
  • red or orange crepe paper (or ribbons)
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • tape
  • newspaper

Number of players:


Staple the two toilet rolls on opposite sides at the base of the long cylinder. These are the rocket’s engines.

Cut a radial slit into the circle (from the edge to the centre).

Overlap the radial edges that have just been cut. You are tightening the two dimensional circle to transform into a self standing three dimensional cone.

Hold tight and staple in place.

If aesthetically desired cut off the overlap (but this is not necessary).

Tape the cone onto the longest of the cylinders, the one in the centre (at the opposite end from the two toilet roll rocket engines). The structure should now resemble a rocket.

Cut long strips of crepe paper and tape them to the base of rocket (the end with the toilet roll engines). These streamers are to represent the fire expelling from the engines.

Lay out some newspaper on your painting table.

Next get your child to choose a colour to paint the rocket. The rocket engines could be the same colour or you could choose contrasting colours.

Finally paint on some windows for the astronaut driver and space travellers.


  • Make sure you have an apron for your child when painting.
  • Tissue paper can be used instead of crepe paper.

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