Make a yarn heart

Make a yarn heart

Is there anything sweeter than receiving a cute handmade gift from your kids? These lovely yarn hearts are the perfect crafting idea for Valentine's Day this year. Wind them tight and hang them around the house as decoration.  

What you need:

  • a ball of wool
  • floral wire (available at craft shops)
  • wire cutters

Number of players:


Shape the wire into a heart shape.  It's worth looking for the floral wire as it is easy to work with and easily cut.

Anchor the end of your wool to the centre of the heart where you have twisted the ends of the wire together.

Now wind the wool a few times around the edge of the heart shape, cross it over to the other side and wind it a few times again. Keep criss-crossing the wool until your heart is filled in with yarn.

Hang them around the house.

Hints and tips:

  • These would also make a great homemade Christmas decoration idea, too!

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