Make Halloween paper chains

Decorating your house for Halloween is a fun way to get crafting with your kids. These spooky paper chain Halloween decorations are a cinch with our FREE printable. Choose from witches, bats or spiders to decorate your house for Halloween.

What you need:

Number of players:


Print out the paper chain template.

Choose which shape you want to make: witch, bat or spider.

Cut roughly around the shape. Now place it onto the edge of your piece of paper.

Make a fold that will fit the whole shape; if you want to you can loosely tape the template to the top fold.

To make the paper chain work, there will be two sections on either side that are not to be cut. On the printable, they are marked with a dotted line, so don’t cut along the dotted line or your chain will be ‘broken’ (watching the video will be helpful).

Now using that first fold as a guide, concertina fold the rest of the piece so that you have about five or six layers beneath the top layer.

Cut around the shape, leaving the dotted edges uncut.

When you’ve finished you should be able to open out a whole chain of spiders, witches or bats.

Make lots and string them up across the front of your house for Halloween. Spooky!

  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the printable templates.

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