Make your own advent calendar

Make your own advent calendar

Make your own advent calendar and craft one of the most rewarding gifts of all – a countdown to Christmas. Christmas activities that reward – craft fun!

What you need:

  • toilet paper rolls (13)
  • construction paper – any colours
  • one large piece of stiff coloured craft card (50cmx50cm at least)
  • black marker
  • small wrapped lollies, such as Minties or Fantales
  • ribbon (2-3cm in width)
  • paint (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue

Number of players:


Cut the 13 toilet paper rolls in half.

You need 25 cups in total – so you should have one spare half-roll.

Paint the outside of 25 of the half-rolls, or cover them with construction paper.

Cut circles out of coloured construction paper (just trace around one of the toilet paper roll ends to get the size of the circle).

TIP: You can fold the paper in half a few times so you get more than one circle at a time!

Glue a paper circle onto one end of each roll half so that you now have 25 small cups.

Allow to dry.

Drop a small wrapped lolly into each of your coloured cups.

Glue another paper circle onto the top of each cup, so that they are now sealed shut.

Allow to dry.

Use a black marker to write the numbers 1 through 25 onto the roll cups.

Write your numbers on one end on the paper circle.

Take your large sheet of stiff coloured craft card and arrange the cups in whatever way you wish to glue them onto the card.

You could make a Christmas tree shape, a candy cane, or try a wreath.

Glue your cups onto your card, with the numbers pointing outwards.

Tie a bow with a pretty ribbon.

Glue the bow onto the bottom of your Advent Calendar for the final touch.

Now all that's left to do is to open one cup each day from December 1 until Christmas Day!


  • To add an extra challenge for older children, muddle up the numbered treat cups as you glue them on. They'll have to hunt for the right cup each day!
  • Use pretty numbered stickers or gift tag stickers instead of a black marker to write on the numbers.
  • If you are health-conscious or have dietary needs, and don't want to use lollies in your Advent Calendar, try using small party favour gifts or animal figurines instead. The kids will have a fun collection by the time Christmas comes! And what kid doesn't love a new toy every day?

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