Make your own parachute toy

Make your own parachute toy

This is a great art and craft activity that will have your kids expressing their creativity in no time. The kids will love throwing their parachute toy in the air time and time again.

What you need:

  • small toy
  • about 15/25cm lengths of thread or string
  • small plastic bag – such as a freezer bag
  • tape
  • scissors

Number of players:


Tie or thread string to the shoulders or arms of the toy and tape in place if not firmly secure.

Next tie the opposite ends of the string to the small plastic bag – if it is a bag without handles then punch two evenly spaced holes to thread the string through.

To test the parachute launch it from upstairs to downstairs, from a balcony or by throwing it high into the air to watch it float back to the ground.

This project involves plenty of trial and error experimentation which will be fun for you and your child to partake in. This also will mean that when your project is successful, it will be an extremely rewarding result because it involved team work.

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