Make your own trains, boats and planes

Make your own trains, boats and planes

Imaginative play is so much fun. Children can spend many happy hours being imaginative, playing with odds and ends to create their own versions of real life objects

What you need:

  • Boxes
  • Paper plates
  • Ruler or chopstick
  • Small curtain or piece of material

Number of players:


Using assorted boxes you can create all sorts of transport vehicles.

Link cardboard boxes end to end to form a train.

Paper plates can be glued on to create the wheels and a steering wheel.

One box can be used to create a boat.

A ruler or chopstick can be used as a mast.
A  small piece of curtain or light cloth material can be used as the sail.

Using three boxes, create an aeroplane by gluing the two smaller boxes to the side of the larger box to create the wings and aeroplane body. 

Use paint, textas and your imagination to decorate your vehicle.


  • Boxes out of the recycling bin can be turned into just about anything!
  • Once vehicles have been created, your kids can spend their play time in imaginative play being a train driver, or a racing car driver or a pilot…
  • This activity has been brought to you by The Natural Confectionery Co.

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