Making a miniature garden

Making a miniature garden

Are you pushed for yard space at your house? How about letting the kids make their own miniature garden. They are perfect for a balcony or a courtyard out the back. Follow these simple steps and the kids will have their own garden to look after in no time!

What you need:

  • a shallow plastic or metal tray with holes in the bottom
  • potting mix
  • small stones
  • pebbles
  • jar lid
  • aluminium foil
  • selection of small plants

Number of players:


Almost fill the tray with potting mix (or make your own mixture of compost, sand and peat moss.)

A jar lid covered in aluminium foil makes a good pond. Make a hole in the potting mix and press the lid down so the sides cannot be seen.

Put some little flat stones around the edge. Let them poke over the sides into the "pond" a bit.

Mound the potting mix up in a couple of places, make little raised beds surrounded by stones, group some bigger stones to look like boulders, make a winding little path with flat pebbles, sand or fine mulch. You can also use pieces of gutter-guard to make screens and trellises, satay sticks will help to keep it upright.

Plants with tiny leaves will look best, including Baby's Tears, Pratia, Kennilworth Ivy, thyme, moss and tiny tree or shrub seedlings will all look great. Succulents are terrific, too.

The garden will dry out quickly, so you must water it every day. A spray bottle filled with water will help you keep the garden moist.

Keep your garden in a brightly-lit place where the water can drain through easily.

Thank you to Global Garden for this great idea.

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