Making jewellery

Making jewellery

Using beads and other bits and pieces that you have collected over the years your child can create beautiful jewellery pieces that they will wear with pride.

What you need:

  • Beads
  • Shells
  • String or cotton


Number of players:


With all these beads and buttons and little threadable things, it’s a great time to encourage sorting skills! Miss 4 likes to do this, although her idea of sorting is very different to mine!

Beads are also great to use in little purses as money or for mermaid treasure in a special box! She chooses her favourites from the collection to make her latest jewellery creations.

Here are some photos of Miss 4 making a beautiful chain of beads this afternoon …

alt alt alt

I threaded a large needle onto some cotton, tied a large shell bead at the end, and she did the rest. She was very proud of her efforts!

Here are some photos of our beautiful necklace and bracelet creations we had already made … some are made with a lot of help from Mummy; some are made all by Miss 4. Either way it is fun time spent together beading and playing with beads!

alt alt

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