Matchbox advent calendar

Matchbox advent calendar

This is an advent calendar that is less about lollies and more about fun. It's the perfect way to begin your Christmas with the kids. Get crafting this easy and fun project and have your kids enjoy a little treat a day until Christmas.

What you need:

  • paper mache matchboxes
  • black rub-on letters
  • red cord
  • red and white striped push pins
  • buttons
  • red glitter rub ons
  • tiny Christmas ornaments
  • white pen
  • scrapbooking ribbons and paper
  • a small circle punch
  • buttons
  • Blu Tack

Number of players:


Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2. Decorate each box with the pens, rub ons and buttons. Get creative, remembering to add the number of the day on the box. You can do thins either in number or word form, so long as you know the date the box needs to be opened on.

Step 3. Once each box is decorated, place a tiny ornament inside. Press all of your boxes onto the wall in a Christmas shape, we have used a tree with our dates starting at the trunk of the tree.

Step 4. Continue along until you reach the top, adding a star decoration to the top of the tree.

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