Mix-and-match witches hat game

Mix-and-match witches hat game

Plain black cones are transformed into wicked witches’ hats and heads in this fun Halloween craft activity. Play it at your next Halloween party as the kids get into the spirit with this fun game. They are easy to make and can be used year after year so get playing this Halloween.

What you need:

  • 9 sheets black craft paper
  • 3 sheets green and orange craft paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Stapler

Number of players:


Roll six cones out of six sheets of black craft paper. Secure into place with staples or glue. If using glue, give time to dry to ensure the paper sticks.

Cut circles out of the remaining three black sheets of paper.

Cut a medium hole in the centre of the circles to create a doughnut shape.

Slip each doughnut over a cone and slide it down to the midway point on the cone. These become the witches’ hat brims. Glue or tape in place.

Place the hats on a table or bench where the kids can work with them.

Cut out witch facial features for the witches out of the green and orange craft paper. Vary the shape and colours of the features.

Place all the pieces in a large container.

Every child takes turns pulling out one feature at a time and using a glue, stick it to any witches’ hat they choose. Keep going until all the witches’ hats are complete.

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