One by one

One by one

Some kids find learning the alphabet boring and hard to do. This educational activity teaches kids how to use the keyboard and encourages them to have fun whilst learning the alphabet.

What you need:

  • Computer

Number of players:


You can use any program for this (word, excel, an open email, notebook, etc).

Get your child started by showing them how to find each letter in the alphabet on the keyboard and enter them in order.

They will touch the "A" key first, then "Enter" – which will take them to the next line in most programs – then touch "B", "Enter" and so on.

Check their work at the end to see if they have included all of the letters in order (using the ABC song will help).

Encourage them by doing it again and again and see how much further they can get.

They will not only learn the keyboard but also reinforce the alphabet along the way.

A great one for learning numbers greater than 10 as well.


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