Painting with bubbles

Painting with bubbles

These painting activities will delight your budding artist. With little preparation your only limitation is your imagination.

What you need:

  • Bubble solution
  • Water based paint or food colouring
  • Plain white paper
  • Balloons
  • Old Clothes!

Number of players:


Take some Bubble solution, add some water based paint color. (or food coloring – but the results are not that wow!). Set up a sheet for me to blow the bubbles onto, and let me watch what happens as they pop!

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What I liked about this:

Blowing bubbles by myself!

What I learned:

  • I learned a different way to be creative, and that art can be fun and doesn’t just involve crayons.
  • I learned the difference between blowing hard and soft, big and small … and most of all I am the master bubble popper!!!

Pin it!! 

In this activity, we were building up to the messy part of our play! I knew I had to be organized from here to the end, as things could go pear-shaped for Master J’s tolerance levels quite quickly!


How To:

Pre-fill Balloons with paint, and inflate – there is no easy way to do this! A syringe, and balloon pump seems to work best! 
Stick balloons onto canvas/paper. Have a pin ready – I chose a pin to really zone in on the fine motor skills!

Pop the balloons with the pin, and enjoy!


  • Old Clothes!! There will be splatter!!!
  • Be patient!
  • Be prepared to help and get ready to get dirty yourself!


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Look at the cool art we created!! Ask me what colors I see, and show me how they blend to form new colors!! (yellow and red = orange!)


That was AWESOME!!

  • This blog was written by Bermabot, Kidspot Social member, for the Hasbro Month of Play promotion.

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