Paper butterflies

Paper butterflies

All you need is some coloured paper and a pair of scissors to make these easy origami butterflies.

What you need:

  • Paper in different colours
  • Pair of scissors

Number of players:


First you need to create a number of folds across the centre of the square.

Fold the square diagonally one way, open it out and then fold it diagonally the other way.

Now fold it in half one way, fold it out and fold it in half the other way.

Open out the paper, you should have folds criss-crossing the square in a star.

Now fold it in half (to form a rectangle) and using the diagonal folds as a guide, you will need to push each side inwards where the diagonal fold is to create a triangle shape. (See video.)

Fold that triangle in half again.

Cut a curved tip along the open tip of the triangle. (See video.)

Open it out so that you have two curved tip points on either side and one pointy tip facing downwards.  Now take half of each curved tip side and fold it toward the middle crease.

Fold the pointy tip behind and bring it up to peek about 5mm over the top edge. Fold that 5mm tip down to overlap the main part.

Now bring the two curved points back down to the front. The last step is to make a crease in the centre, to keep everything in place and finish off the butterfly shape.

See? It’s so easy you can’t stop at one. Make a whole flock.

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