Paper flower card

Paper flower card

Try making this very simple – but very effective – homemade flower card from painted paper. Adding a couple of leaves and a long stem, this becomes a very impressive card that even very young children can make with your help.

What you need:

  • Coloured paper or painted newspaper for flower petals
  • Green paper or real leaves
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner 
  • A large button
  • Ribbon
  • A card or postcard

Number of players:


Cut out five medium sized love hearts out of painted newspaper or coloured paper.

Punch a hole in the point of the heart using the hole puncher.

Cut out two to three leaf shapes (or use real leaves) and punch a hole at one end with the hole puncher.

Fold the pipe cleaner in half and thread it through two of the holes in the button so that each end in evenly matched.

Thread each petal onto the pipe cleaner stem, followed by the leaves, all the way to the top.

Twist the two lengths of the pipe cleaner to hold the petals and leaves in place.

Tie the ribbon to the flower’s stem.

Punch some holes along the edge of your card or postcard and thread the flower’s stem through the holes, fastening it in place with the ribbon.


  • When cutting out the love heart petals achieve absolute symmetry by folding paper in half and tracing half of a heart.
  • When you open the fold you will have a perfect love heart.
  • Use bay leaves for the flower’s leaves to provide a delicious scent for the card.

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