Paper ghosts

Paper ghosts

These paper ghosts will delight your kids as they get a chance to get messy as they get crafty! Simply grab some white paint and some black paper and watch their creativity blossom.

What you need:

  • Black craft paper
  • White paint
  • Markers and colourful pens
  • Glitter or sparkles (optional)

Number of players:


Fold the black paper in half and squeeze white paint between the two sides.

Squash the paper together to spread out the paint and then open the paper to lay it flat.

Once dry, use markers and pens to decorate the ghost. You can also use glitter to add some sparkles to your ghost.


Lay the black paper flat, do not fold it.

Pour some white paint into a small plate and place your child’s foot on the plate. Make sure the bottom of the foot is covered in paint.

Place your child’s foot on the black paper carefully. Clean them up as the footprint dries.

Once dry, turn the paper so that the toes are at the bottom of the paper and the heel is at the top. This is now your ghost’s shape.

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