Picture puzzles

Picture puzzles

Make your artworks interactive with picture puzzles. This innovative art and craft kids activity is fun for families to do together and can be used again and again. What a great gift idea!

What you need:

  • photos of your child and family
  • clear contact paper
  • scissors
  • cardboard or gift box
  • craft glue

Number of players:


Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for the instructional video.

Large photos work best for this.

If you have a home printer, print out a photo on an A4 sheet of paper.

Otherwise choose a photo that is large enough to be cut into the age appropriate number of pieces.

Use the craft glue to paste the photo onto a piece of cardboard, poster board or just cut up a gift box to the right size.

When it dries, place the contact paper over both sides.

Then use scissors to cut the photos into a number of different puzzle pieces.

Encourage larger cuts for younger children and finer cuts for older children.

Remember you can always cut the pieces into smaller bits as the puzzle becomes easier and easier.

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