Pig card game

Pig card game is a fun party game for kids who enjoy a fast-paced, challenging card game that keeps them on their toes. Try this exciting card game at your child’s next party.

What you need:

  • Deck of cards
  • Pens
  • Cards for letters P,I,G

Number of players:


Sort the deck of cards out into piles of four of a kind. Set aside one pile for each player. Discard the remainder of the piles.

Shuffle the chosen cards well. Deal until each player has four cards.

The aim of the game is to collect four of a kind. Players must choose what they want to collect and discard, face-down, one card at a time each turn. This card is passed to the player on their left who also discards a card to the next player on their left and so on.

Once a player has collected four of a kind, the player must immediately put a finger on their nose.

If another player sees them do this, they too put a finger on their nose even if they don’t have four of a kind. The last player to notice the others and place a finger on their nose gets the letter “P” given to them.

The first player to receive all three letters: P, I, G, is eliminated. The last player in play is the winner.

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