Pop up paper craft

Pop up paper craft

Pop up books are one of the most popular forms of kids entertainment. With this activity, kids can create their own pop up page or even pop up book. Add features to the page like favourite animals, shapes or even photos.

What you need:

  • coloured paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • newspaper or magazine

Number of players:


Cut out a large square of coloured paper to make the house.

Cut out a large triangle of coloured paper to make the roof.

Tape the square and triangle together.

Cut out 3 small rectangles of coloured paper.

Fold 1cm along one edge of each rectangle.

These will be the flaps for the windows and door.

Tape one folded tab of one of the rectangles to the house.

The flap created will be either a window or door depending on where it is placed.

Repeat this process with all three rectangles.

Cut out three things from a magazine – a face, a shoe and an animal.

Paste each image underneath each door/ window flap.

Lift the flaps to see who is inside the house.


  • Cut out words to be glued under the flaps.
  • This is an interactive activity that is very similar to peek-a-boo and pop up picture books.
  • A great way for kids to learn maths is to add numbers and operations under the flaps. Mix them up and learn different sums.

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