Red rover, red rover

Red rover, red rover

The red rover, red rover game is a classic kids party game for children of all ages to enjoy. Make this game the highlight of your party as the kids learn listening and teamwork skills while they play.


Number of players:


Divide the children into two equal teams and have each side line up shoulder-to-shoulder and hold hands.

The two teams should be facing each other and about 6m apart.

The team starting the game selects a player from the opposing team and chants “Red rover, red rover, send (insert child’s name) right over!”

Then the player who is selected will run and try to break through the hands of a section on the other team.

A successful breakthrough means that player gets to choose a player from the opposing team to join his or her team.

If that player fails to break through, he or she now becomes part of the opposing team.

The teams take turns until there is only one person left on the opposing team.

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