Riddle for kids: Logic

Riddle for kids: Logic

This riddle is best kept for older kids to figure out, although younger kids may like to draw the pictures. Get them tapping into their logical side and watch as they learn how to problem-solve on their own.

What you need:

You don't need anything to tell this riddle.

But if you wish to draw the riddle, you will need:

  • paper
  • pencils or markers

Number of players:


A man is travelling with a fox, a goose and a sack of corn. He comes upon a stream which he has to cross and finds a tiny boat which he can use. The problem is, he can only take himself and one other object at a time. It is not possible for him to leave the fox alone with the goose or the goose alone with the corn. How can he get everything safely over the stream?

He will have to take the goose over first and come back.
Next he will take the fox, and bring the goose back from the other side.
On his next trip, he will take the corn and come back alone to get the goose.
Finally, he will take the goose over and keep everything safe.


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