Santa’s sleigh

Santa’s sleigh

Kids love to play guessing games and Santa's Sleigh is one of the best Christmas games for young and old. The kids will be entertained and you can relax as they enjoy playing.

What you need:

  • Small sleigh ornament or figurine

Number of players:


Sit the kids in a large circle inside or outside in the garden.

Choose one child to wear a blindfold.

Hand a sleigh figurine to another child and instruct them to say, “Santa, Santa, where's your sleigh? A thief has come to take it away. Guess who! Guess who!”

The blindfolded child has three guesses to identify the child speaking.

If they guess correctly, the child who has the sleigh is next to be blindfolded.

If they guess incorrectly, the sleigh is passed to another child and the game starts again.

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