Science experiment: Water power

Science experiment: Water power

Science is great fun but more so when it is messy! Get the kids outside to the yard and play with some water. This water power experiment is a great explanation to generating energy.

What you need:

  • large plastic bottle
  • pencil
  • straws
  • tape
  • string
  • water

Number of players:


Cut off the top of a large plastic bottle.

Make six holes in the base of the bottle with a pencil.

Cut a straw into six even pieces.

Insert them into the holes in the bottle and secure them with tape.

Make three holes at the top of the bottle and put a string through each of these holes.

Then tie the three strings to a fourth piece of string.

Over the sink or outside, pour a jug of water in the bottle.

When the water is pouring out of the straws, the bottle should spin around. Why? Because the energy from the water pouring out of the holes makes the bottle spin around.

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