Secret message mystery

Secret message mystery

Challenge your little party goers with an exciting game of Secret message mystery. It’s a race to reveal the hidden message and fulfill the secret mission. Whose team will win? Reveal the secrets and find out!

What you need:

  • Magic Ink
  • 12 sheets of paper
  • 2 torches (flashlights)

Number of players:


Pre-make some Magic Ink and write a secret mission message on two different pieces of paper. For example: “Sit down or spin in a circle once with your hands in the air or moo like a cow three times and sit down.” Let ink dry.

Prepare 10 other blank sheets the same size and colour and split into two piles. Add a secret mission to each pile and shuffle the papers.

Split your players into two teams. Each team will be given a torch.

Place the dried secret mission papers at the end of the room or garden.

When you say “Go”, a player from each team must race to the end of the garden, pick up a piece of paper from their pile and return to their group.

The team must shine the torch on the message until they can see a message start to appear.

If no message appears in a few seconds, they must send another player to retrieve another sheet of paper.

The teams continue to race until they find their secret message and fulfill their mission correctly.

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