Shapes for kids: Octagons

Shapes for kids: Octagons

As the name suggests, the octagon has eight sides. For the shape to qualify as an octagon, it must have eight straight sides and eight angles but all lines must close. Have a look at our octagon printable and print it off for the kids to colour in.

What you need:

  • computer with internet access
  • printer
  • colouring pencils

Number of players:


There is a misconception amongst some parents that mathematics education does not seriously begin until the first formal year of schooling. In fact your pre-kinder student has already begun developing a range of mathematical behaviours which will support their numeracy development.

These emerging numeracy skills, like all milestones will develop within the context of opportunity and repetition at the individual pace of your child.

Shapes are the base of many mathematical activities and to identify these shapes, it is important for kids to see examples and learn the differences between them. Our simple, printable charts will help your kids better understand the differences between octogons.

Print the octagon to help your kids learn the differences in the numbers of sides and angles with a visual aide to follow.

Click here to print the octagon for the kids to colour.

Click here to print the full polygon table.


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