Show jump showdown

Show jump showdown

Show jump showdown is a fun way to get your party moving – literally! Gather the kids and let their imaginations take flight as they take their ponies over a jumping course in the backyard. It's easy and the kids will love the physical activity.

What you need:

  • Paper hats
  • Adhesive name tags
  • Pens

Number of players:


Set up an obstacle course or in this case a show-jumping course, using household items like tissue or shoe boxes, brooms, mops, pot plants or piles of cushions. Set them out in a course for the 'competitors' to have to complete.

Explain to your 'riders' they are in a Grand Prix show jumping event and their challenge is to successfully jump all the obstacles without falling off their horses or knocking the jumps down.

Hand each competitor a paper hat and an adhesive name tag for them to write their pony's name.

Stick the names to their hats.

One at a time the riders will compete, and the rider who covers the course the fastest, without knocking over any obstacles is the winner.

Feel free to give every rider a treat for a wonderful round though and reward their fabulous imaginations!

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