Simon says

Playing simon says is always a winner with kids of all ages. This favourite birthday party game and kids activity will have your kids practicing their listening skills and laughing out loud as they try to remember what simon really said.

What you need:

  • a group of kids
  • a chosen “simon”

Number of players:


To begin the game, draw or establish an imaginary line on the floor or on the grass and have the players line up behind it.

Choose one of the children (or adults) to be “Simon”.

Simon should stands a good distance behind the line, approximately 3 metres, but no greater than 10.

Simon makes commands for the players to perform an act, for example “hop twice” or “left hand on heads” or “jump forward” or “take 3 giant steps”.

If the command is preceded by “Simon Says”, then the players should do as directed.

However, if the command is not preceded by “Simon Says” then anyone accidentally obeying is out.

The winner is then the next Simon.

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