Spinning water gravity experiment

Spinning water gravity experiment

How can you possibly turn a bucket upside down and not have the water spill out? We can show you how gravity works with this easy kids science experiment. Your kids will be amazed at how the science of gravity works in the spinning water experiment. Definitely an experiment best done outside!

What you need:

  • Water
  • Bucket with a handle

Number of players:


Fill the bucket two-thirds full with water.

Hold the bucket’s handle and start swinging the bucket in a vertical circle from the ground up to the sky.

Keep rotating your arm as the bucket swings down and keep the speed and motion consistent.

As long as you keep swinging the bucket the water will stay where it is and not spill out and drench you.

To stop, simply halt the bucket when it swings down.


  • By swinging the bucket in a steady vertical circle you create centrifugal force.
  • As long as the bucket is in a curved rotation (swinging in this case), the centrifugal force applies an outward force away from the centre of rotation, pushing the water into the bottom of the bucket and stopping it from spilling, even when it is upside down.
  • If the curved motion or swing of the bucket were to stop, the centrifugal force would cease and the water would spill everywhere!

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