Sponge pass

Sponge pass

This is a fun great game to play with the kids if you don't mind getting wet. Water games are fun and when you combine a simple sponge, a bucket of water and a lot of laughs, you've got Sponge pass!

What you need:

  • sponge
  • bucket of water

Number of players:


Divide the players into two teams.

Each team is given a sponge and a bucket filled with water.

Each team stands in a line behind their bucket.

Start the race.

The first player dunks the sponge into the bucket of water and passes it over their head to the next player who then passes it through their legs to the next player who passes it over their head again.

Repeat this pattern until the last player has the sponge.

The last player then runs to the front and dips the sponge in the water again.

This continues until every player in the team has had a turn.

The first team to complete the race is the winner!


  • You can modify the actions of the sponge for younger kids, so pass it along the line without going over and under.

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