Spooky stringy spiderwebs

Spooky stringy spiderwebs

Halloween is a great time of year and this activity is sure to bring loads of fun as well as spooky surprises! Making your own decorations can be loads of fun and the kids will love to be involved.

What you need:

  • waxed paper
  • scissors
  • ball of thick white yarn
  • old plastic bowl or other container
  • white household glue
  • water
  • paintbrushes
  • glow-in-the-dark paint
  • 1m long stick

Number of players:


Spread your waxed paper over your workplace.

For each web cut three pieces of yarn 60cm long and one piece 1.8m long.

In your old bowl or container, mix one tablespoon of glue with one tablespoon of water.

Soak your shorter pieces of yarn in the glue mixture and arrange them on your waxed paper, like you would arrange spokes on a bike wheel.

After this, soak your long piece of yarn in the glue mixture and then start to arrange the long piece by spiralling it out from the centre of the spokes in a web like pattern.

Allow your web to stand and dry.

To get that spooky edge to your web, paint it with the glow in the dark paint.

Once the paint dries, turn the paper over and peel it off your web.

You are now free to hang your spooky stringy spiderweb anywhere.

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