Story challenge game


This is a wonderful imaginative game that challenges you and your kids to use your creativity to tell crazy fun stories. Play with the family or at your next kids party and enjoy the laughs and giggle that will follow.

What you need:

  • Index cards
  • Pen or pencils
  • Your imagination

Number of players:


Have a non-player write some whacky and fun sentences on each index card such as, “The big red tree swayed in the wind almost knocking over the woolly house by the river.”

Divide the players into two teams.

Explain the rules:

Each team will draw an index card when it is their turn.

One team spokesperson must then use the sentence in a short story they make up and the other team have to try and guess what sentence in the story was the one on the index card.

While telling the story, the spokesperson is able to choose one of their other team members at any time to continue the story.

That player can also point to someone else to continue and so on.

Your story can be anywhere from 2 minutes long to 10 minutes long – it depends on how many people are on each team.

If the other team guess correctly what the whacky sentence was, they get a point.

The team with the most points in the end wins. It is up to you how many rounds you want to play.

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